I’m a London based photographer specialising in graphic still life. After post-college backpacking, and a short stint bartending in New York City, I made London my home from my native Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002 to study photography at University of the Arts London.

Thinking I was going to become the next Don McCullin, I pursued photo-journalism and even got myself a shiny National Union of Journalists card, but after being offered a real assignment in post-invasion Iraq, I promptly threw in the towel and joined the army of London photographic assistants instead, for which I am eternally grateful; who knew that spending hours obsessing about a reflection or tinkering with a sound trigger could be so gratifying?!

I’m at my happiest when faced with a new object to photograph and the challenge that lies in transforming it into a highly desirable object; the process of tweaking the lighting setup just so to reveal the texture and shape of the object, enhancing its unique and visually interesting features in order to create inspired, luxurious imagery.

I love the entire creative process from initial brief, usually followed by lots of problem-solving, to glossy end-product, and I embrace the most up-to-date retouching techniques and cgi but always strive to capture as much as possible in camera as there really is no substitute for the real thing.

If I can be of any help realising your next project, please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to discuss any brief in detail or answer any questions you may have.


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